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jstack testing tool

Welcome to the JStack Testing tool

Please, access this URL using Google Chrome and press F12.

Access to the Console and you can start playing with this API.

0. Setup

We will define a function to print all results from API requests:

 > var printAll = function(data){console.log(JSON.stringify(data))};

1. Initialization

Then, first step is to initialize Keystone API with a valid URL. For example:

 > JSTACK.Keystone.init("");

2. Authentication

Next step is to authenticate to Keystone with valid username and password.

 > JSTACK.Keystone.authenticate("admin", "password", null, "tenant_id", printAll);

3. Play time!

Now, it's time to play with Nova. For example, type this:

 > JSTACK.Nova.getserverlist(true, false, printAll);


 > JSTACK.Nova.getkeypairlist(printAll);

For more information access to documentation